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Chagall prints are amongst the best contemporary art available and many choose to buy Marc Chagall reproduction prints for their own homes, which you can also do below. Marc Chagall is considered one of the best exponents of colour of any artist ever and his dreamy style of paintings has proven supremely popular in recent years. As well as offering all his best prints for sale at, also examines the artist in great detail and uncovers the reasons for his huge following across his native-France and around the world. There is also information on where you can find Chagall exhibitions in order to see some of the original oil paintings in person and the galleries which hold some of his works in their permanent collections.

La Mariee Chagall Print

La Mariee Art Print by Chagall

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La Mariee is possibly Chagall's most famous oil painting, and you can see it above in all it's glory, along with links to where you can buy it from our recommended print retailer, Chagall carefully chose his colours in La Mariee, as he did in all his paintings, in order to make the main subject of the work stand out as much as possible, whilst still giving enough detail to the other backgrounds elements.

Good quality prints which reproduce Chagall's original colours are the best way to enjoy the artist's paintings in your own home and also framed prints give the most professional finish. Posters are best for those who have smaller budgets whilst stretched canvases are another good option for those looking to buy reproductions of Chagall paintings.

Aside from his work with oil on canvas and prints, Chagall was a versatile artist who spent some time producing highly respected stain glass windows as his reputation and opportunities expanded over time. The French-Belarusian is generally classified within the surrealism and expressionism art movements but his style was very much his own. The closest mainstream artist to Chagall maybe Franz Marc who similarly had a dreamy style with exciting colours. You can buy Franz Marc prints here.

Three Candles Chagall Print

Three Candles Art Print by Chagall

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Three Candles is another romantic painting in a similar vein to La Mariee and again features Chagall's fantasy style and bold colours throughout. Three Candles is also one of Chagall's best works and another great example of this artist's true command of colour in art to a level few other paintings have ever matched.

Marc Chagall was a critically-acclaimed artist who was highly respected by academics for his almost poetic style and exceptional understanding of colour within art. Chagall was also a key member of the Jewish community, which itself has produced many of the world's most influential contemporary artists. Discover more about Chagall paintings here.

Aside from his paintings, Chagall took time to develop his use of stain glass windows and took in several large scale projects on the basis of his reputation as a painter. French cathedrals, the Paris Opera and other sites in Israel were amongst his highest profile commissions in this area of his career.

Birthday Chagall Print

Birthday Rouge Art Print by Chagall

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In Birthday Chagall again uses his much used redish orange as a background colour to large parts of the painting and reverts to black and white to cover the main focus of this painting, which is another couple as common in many of his romantic, dreamy works. Birthday itself is another key work from Chagall's career, which itself was one of the most important contributions of the contemporary art movement.

Similarly to artists like Toulouse-Lautrec and many that had gone before them in the impressionist movement, Chagall was someone who greatily benefited from his time in Paris where he took on a great number of new influences and ideas which helped him to develop his career onwards by taking in new techniques as well as being to easily mix with other notable painters of that period. You can buy Toulouse Lautrec prints here.

The Chagall Art Center in Vitebsk, Belarus is one of several locations set up to celebrate the art from this major figure, with another in the United States. Chagall may have moved abroad to France to spend much of his life, but Belarusians will always be rightily proud of their exceptional countryman who left a mark on the worldwide art public.

Le Couple Chagall Print

Le Couple Art Print by Chagall

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Le Couple is the final painting included on the homepage and is another in the common theme of romance, as well being the most obvious in this regard. Consistent with the typical style of Chagall, the background behind the key focus of the painting is again darkly contrasted but there is great detail to make the viewer always see new things each time they see the work.

The talent of Chagall was in his elaborate figurative illustrations and bright colours that would contrast them from a darkened but detailed background. This was seen throughout most of his best known prints like La Mariee, Three Candles, Birthday, Le Couple, Blue Violinist and I and the Village. Further paintings are also included in our Chagall gallery.

A further collection of fields in which Chagall was involved include book illustrations, stage sets, ceramic and tapestries, joining the stained glass and art prints that are mentioned previously in this page.

Blue Violinist Chagall Print

Blue Violinist Art Print by Chagall

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Henri Matisse was another artist who was similarly respected for his great use of colour and for developing innovative contemporary techniques. You can buy Matisse prints here. Both spearheaded development of French art since the successes of the impressionists decades earlier.

Paul Gauguin stands out as a post-impressionist who took influences from foreign travels, similarly to Marc Chagall, and adapted them into his own style to create another innovative format from contemporary France. You can also buy Gauguin prints here. Gauguin was also respected and loved in equal measure for his bravery with colour, forming a type of art now refered to as Primitivism.

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Austrian artist Gustav Klimt produced a series of exceptional expressionist art which are equally if not more impressive than even the works of Marc Chagall, with elaborate scenes in titles such as The Kiss and The Tree of Life. You can find Klimt prints here.

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